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Modern technologies of processing of waste
The private production and trade unitary enterprise "Sifaniya-Brest" is created in 1995.  In 2008 the enterprise was renamed in "Sifaniya Ekotekhnika". 
Primary activities of "Sifanii Ekotekhnika" are:  design development, production of the equipment for deep processing, solid household municipal waste,
industrial and special wastes. 
Today the enterprise together with partners from the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany makes and delivers to CIS countries the equipment
on the European technologies for deep processing of solid household waste, industrial and special wastes. 
Made "the equipment and technological lines work with Sifaniya Ekotekhnika" in the cities of Nesvizh, Polotsk, Pruzhana, Kobrin,Brest
(Republic of Belarus),Yekaterinburg,Moscow, Khimki, Chelyabinsk, Rybinsk, Zelenograd, Smolensk, Novozybkov (Russian Federation), Karaganda (Republic of Kazakhstan), Kiev, Kirovograd (Ukraine), Riga(Latvia), Kaunas (Lithuania). 

"Sifaniya Ekotekhnika" the enterprise actively participated in the international exhibitions:  "Pure Russia", Moscow;  "Ecology of the big city", St. Petersburg - the
honourable diploma "For active participation";  "Veis-flew", Moscow. 

Offered "Sifaniya Ekotekhnika" of technology and the equipment allow to carry out a real sanochistka of the cities, regions, deeply to overwork (to 90%) useful fractions of secondary resources in production (more than 40 types) production technical appointment for needs of housing and communal services, city infrastructure, allow to process organic waste in thermal and electric energy, biofertilizers. 
We offer:
Development of feasibility studies, business plans, schemes of sanitary cleaning of the cities, regions.
Development of design documentation, production technological equipment for acceptance, sorting and deep processing of solid household waste.
Balancing and commissioning, personnel training, service warranty service and after-guarantee service.

We carry out an integrated approach to the solution of problems of our clients:
Services of the contract organization;
design and construction of plants on processing of solid household waste;
attraction of export secured loans of banks of the buyer.

Мусороперерабатывающие заводы от 5 000 до 200 000 тонн в год (для городов с населением от 25 000 до 1 000 000 человек)

MPZ-5000 waste recycling plant
MPZ-10000 waste recycling plant
MPZ-20000 waste recycling plant
MPZ-50000 waste recycling plant
MPZ-100000 waste recycling plant